The Italian Job

Why Australians should be cheering on Europe in Rome this month.

Compare The Pair

LIV Golf commissioner Greg Norman and PGA Tour loyalist Rory McIlroy exchange more barbs than well-wishes these days. But when it’s all said and done, whose career would you rather have?

Undercover lessons: A new way to get better

Forest, in Jordan’s hometown, Dallas. They’ve been doing this since Jordan was 12 years old, so there’s an obvious level of comfort. We’ve mic’d both player and teacher, and three high-definition video cameras are rolling. We’re a fly on the wall, listening in while we watch. They’re ignoring us and totally into the lesson.

What’s your happy ending?

The other day I’m forwarded something called “Dear Younger Me”.  A slight roll of the eyes. The device hasn’t been popularised so much as pulverised by pro athletes and their ghostwriters to recount career achievements without the risk of sounding self-indulgent because the message is suppositionally for an audience of one.

Not a bad day’s work

A look at the single biggest paydays for each of the PGA Tour’s winningest golfers.