Tony Gresham: The man, the myth, the legend

Time is robbing Australia’s greatest-ever amateur golfer of his memory. But friends, foes and unearthed recordings offer new insights into his genius.

Green oasis

A Ukrainian golfer trapped in a war zone tries to distract himself by thinking about golf.

It’s time to celebrate Sam Snead

As tiger still threatens to pass Sam’s record for most pga tour wins, learn what it was like to experience the legend firsthand.

Herbert rides again

Tour winner Lucas Herbert opens up on how he overcame mental struggles to fulfill the enormous potential he knew he always had

Lessons with Lucas Herbert

Herbert’s coach, the highly regarded Dom Azzopardi, has identified the three key areas Herbert is working to improve on:

New age of golf

The evolution of the golf industry in Australia: How Emajin Golf is helping broaden golf’s reach. 

Danielle Kang: Getting her kicks

Yips. Struggles. feeling lost. A decade after winning two US Amateurs, Danielle Kang is finally in a good place and ready to inflict some damage.