The Swedest Swing

He came into pro golf like a wrecking ball, but where did Ludvig Åberg actually come from? Where is he going? And why does he swing it so good?

Courses: The Times They Are A-Changin’

There is a changing face of our sport that’s seeing growth in traditional
on-course golf being fuelled through the popularity of off-course alternatives – driving ranges, indoor golf and mini-golf. We take a closer look at the facilities responsible for golf’s newfound popularity.

Alan Shipnuck: View From The Inside

We spoke with Alan Shipnuck as copies of LIV And Let Die hit bookshelves globally to hear an insider’s viewpoint on the most intriguing elements of the ongoing saga.

Analysis: Golf’s Burning Issue

A devastating fire that ripped through Eastern Golf Club’s treasured clubhouse has raised serious safety concerns about charging lithium-ion batteries used in golf carts and walk-behinds. Australian Golf Digest examined the dangers.

Golf Trips

Why serious players are dosing psychedelics like mushrooms and ayahuasca.

How Golf Clubs Treat Women Today

Golf clubs have a duty to promote equal opportunity for women and girls while eradicating all forms of discrimination. We reflect upon the historical treatment of women and initiatives now being offered to help golf clubs change for the better.