2020 Hot List: Blade Putters

2020 Hot List: Blade Putters

These blade putters mix old-school cool with next-wave technology to improve your roll. We considered 26 models; 17 made the list.

Momentum Swing: Retail

Momentum Swing

How has the coronavirus affected the golf-equipment business? Australia’s leading golf companies explain.


2020 Hot List: Wedges

You’ve lost 2,500rpm of spin if your wedge is from 2017. Get it back and more with 2020’s best. We considered 26 models; 12 made the list.

2020 Hot List: Players Irons

2020 Hot List: Players Irons

Looks, feel, workability and performance are essential to a great players iron. These deliver. We considered 23 models; 14 made the list.

Mizuno HMB MP-20 irons

AGD TV: Mizuno Golf unleashed a “monster” with the release of its Hot Metal Blade MP-20 irons. Watch this to find out why…

Mizuno Putters

AGD TV: Mizuno Golf’s comeback into putter manufacturing is sure to turn heads on the greens.

Trajectory Goals

Not all 7-irons are alike. We’re not talking about shape or materials. We’re talking about loft – the most basic building block to determine ball flight.