Mizuno T24 wedges: What you need to know

The new wedges feature a more compact overall look with a thinner top line and a shorter distance from heel to toe to accentuate a player’s ability to control these essential scoring clubs.


Mizuno ST230 drivers: What you need to know

The three new Mizuno ST230 drivers make a big push forward towards improving ball speed and optimising launch conditions with a lot of light carbon composite and a little bit of heavy steel.


Mizuno S23 wedges: What you need to know

Mizuno’s latest wedge offering is forged from mild 1025 carbon steel and features a back-cavity area designed to move the centre of gravity more towards the centre of the face.

2020 Hot List: Wedges

You’ve lost 2,500rpm of spin if your wedge is from 2017. Get it back and more with 2020’s best. We considered 26 models; 12 made the list.

2020 Hot List: Players Irons

Looks, feel, workability and performance are essential to a great players iron. These deliver. We considered 23 models; 14 made the list.

2020 Hot List: Players Distance Irons

If you’re a better player in need of a distance boost, this is your category. We considered 22 players distance irons; 15 made the list.