2020 Hot List: Blade Putters

2020 Hot List: Blade Putters

These blade putters mix old-school cool with next-wave technology to improve your roll. We considered 26 models; 17 made the list.

Momentum Swing: Retail

Momentum Swing

How has the coronavirus affected the golf-equipment business? Australia’s leading golf companies explain.

Love In Motion: Walking

Love In Motion

The pandemic caused many to rediscover the joy of walking. Will the feeling last?

Options Aplenty

The range of equipment and apparel options for women is as good as it’s ever been, from style, performance or that something in between.

2019 Hot List: Mallet Putters

Are you a great putter? No? A mallet’s forgiveness changes everything. We considered 28 mallet putters; 15 made the list.

2019 Hot List: Blade Putters

Smooth roll, yes, but now putters are making your stroke better, too. We considered 25 Blade Putters; 14 made the list.