White Hot Versa

What it does: Introduced in 2013, the contrasting black-and-white scheme grew out of studies of night-vision goggles. Getting a better sense of alignment is crucial because if the face angle is off by as little as 1 degree, it results in a miss from as short as 10 feet. Brought back 10 years later, these mallets benefit from the feel of the White Hot face insert. The two-part urethane mixture yields a soft impact feel combined with resilient ball speed for more controlled roll.

Why we like it: When you resurrect a 10-year-old design idea, it needs some kind of modern tech update. Odyssey does it smartly with the Stroke Lab shaft. The graphite shaft features a steel tip to create more consistency in tempo by shifting the shaft’s traditional balance point closer to the hands.

SPECS 5 models; head weight 355 grams; length 33-35 inches

Reviewer profile

“This one scores well on clean looks and contrast. The white stripe and fangs in back are effective in getting you aligned with confidence.”

– Player Comment

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