EV 5.1/5.2/5.3

What it does: The mallets in this line all have the popular parallel wings shape and feature a milled 303-stainless-steel front piece with an aircraft-grade aluminium rear section that houses six customised tungsten weight ports. The stainless-steel front section is designed to have the feel of a blade putter. The weight, which provides stability on off-centre hits, can be used to match the player’s preferences for stroke type.

Why we like it: There are plenty of putterface texture treatments, but none is designed to perform the dual function of Evnroll’s grooved face. The spacing and depth of the grooves modulate energy transfer for consistent ball speed across the face, and its angles steer off-centre hits back towards the centre line.

SPECS 3 models; head weight 340-380 grams; length custom

Reviewer profile

“I like the curves and pleasing angles. The milling has a soft feel. Immediately starts going end over end. Good feel for distance, too.”

– Player Comment

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