Studio Stock

What it does: The assumption with Bettinardi putters is that they only exude quality and craftsmanship and, well, prettiness. Yes and, um, no. Although the Studio Stock remains a precisely manufactured one-piece milling from 303 stainless steel, these putters feature a face texture designed to improve roll. Developed with tour-player input, the asymmetrical grooved face grabs the ball to accelerate initial forward spin that reduces backspin. Less backspin means that putts get into a true forward roll quicker for more consistent speed.

Why we like it: Bettinardi’s customisation regimen offers multiple lengths, five lofts, seven lie-angle options and distinct offsets, toe hangs and hosel configurations on each model. A putter like this only gets better the more you take advantage of a proper fit.

SPECS 2 models; head weight 358 grams; length 33-38 inches

Reviewer profile

“Gets the ball rolling nicely on short and long putts with more of a blade type of control. Firm, milled feel. Gently quiet off the face.”

– Player Comment

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