King Vintage

What it does: These mallets have a hefty moment of inertia for consistency on off-centre hits, and they roll consistently because of a special face insert. Borrowed from the design made famous by SIK Golf, the aluminium face has a descending loft in four separate planes from top to bottom. The top has the most loft at 4 degrees. The loft then decreases progressively by 1 degree in three segments down to 1 degree at the bottom of the face. The putter’s varying loft counteracts the stroke’s attack angle so that putts launch at the same 1.5 degrees for consistent roll.

Why we like it: The extreme weighting at the corners increases stability, but it’s the use of a weight-saving carbon-fibre sole cover that frees extra mass for the perimeter.

SPECS 9 models; head weight 350 grams; length 34, 35 inches

Reviewer profile

“The shape and weight feel in perfect balance. I like the contrast of the neon aiming line. Consistent pop. Easy to set down and stroke.”

– Player Comment

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