Spider GT Max

What it does: Ever wonder why there are so many kinds of putters (other than the fact that golfers and putters are like dogs and cats)? What companies are learning is that the distance the centre of gravity sits behind the face helps a player return the putter back to square more consistently. This distance, however, is not the same for every golfer. The left and right moveable weights on this pronged mallet let golfers adjust that CG position by nearly half an inch, resulting in the fullest range of CGs in the history of Spider mallets.

Why we like it: Eighty grams of moveable weight (more than three times what you would find on a driver) is stupendous. Despite all that shifting of the CG, though, the forgiveness on off-centre hits stays high thanks to chunks of tungsten at the outer edges.

SPECS 1 model; head weight 355 grams; length 34, 35 inches

Reviewer profile

“The weight settings are intriguing and not too complicated. Oversize, but I still feel I have control to die the ball in the hole.”

– Player Comment

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