White Hot OG

What it does: When this throwback line was introduced two years ago, it featured the trademark original urethane insert, some familiar heads and some modern tweaks. However, in this newest version, Odyssey has simplified the shaft and head and put all of the attention on the two-decade-old face insert, which redefined how putters should feel with a combination of softness and resiliency.

Why we like it: No one travels back in time in search of greater complexity. The polymers behind the White Hot insert were an idea that never knew how good it was and didn’t really care because being perfect didn’t require an explanation. Same with the three mallet models in this line: Rossie, 2-Ball and No.7. We need some convincing if any other mallet shapes are required.

SPECS 5 models; head weight 355 grams; length 33-35 inches

Reviewer profile

“The insert has cushion without hanging onto the ball. A pleasing, soft sound at impact. Smaller dimensions are effective.”

– Player Comment

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