What it does: The grooved-face technology might be the most interesting in the game. The variably wide channels are closely spaced to create consistent roll on impacts across the face and to offer a gentle redirect towards the centre line on mis-hits. But this new mallet also shows how clean a putter with a high moment of inertia can look. The compact aluminium body is surrounded by subtle stainless-steel weighted wings that provide stability and alignment.

Why we like it: A selection of six hosels can be easily swapped in and out of the heads, making this a putter that outlasts any bouts of flatstick-induced psycho-trauma. Toss in the “Gravity Grip” option with an embedded steel bar that always tells your hands where the face is, and your putting game suddenly might be fun again.

SPECS 1 model; head weight 340-380 grams; length custom

Reviewer profile

“This is the ‘circle of friendship eraser’ – no stress over putts from four to 10 feet. The larger face has a massive sweet spot.”

– Player Comment

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