PLD Milled

What it does: We suppose buying game-worn jerseys is a thing, but we don’t get it. Instead, give us a useful tool designed with direct input from the master. These models come from what tour players want to see, prodded by the engineers who know what works. The three relatively compact mallets in this family are each milled from 303 stainless steel in a four-hour process. In addition to the DS72 model used by Viktor Hovland and the popular Prime Tyne 4 [left], the line now has added the slightly heavier, heel-shafted Oslo 4.

Why we like it: These putters seem almost intuitively smart. The face’s deep-milling pattern provides a softer feel, and keeping the shaping of the angles, edges and ball-width cavities perpendicular or parallel to the target line ensures a proper aim.

SPECS 3 models; head weight 360-375 grams; length 33-35 inches

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