Greg Norman: Workout series – No.4 – Cable tricep extension

One thing I want to emphasise dramatically is, whenever we are doing these exercises we are isolating a specific muscle we want to target. Make sure your core muscles are tight and your lower base is in a strong, stable position before you even attempt to isolate that muscle. With this exercise, attach and grab the rope handles on the cable machine and position them behind your head, making sure you are facing the other direction in an athletic position. Now simply push the cable forward with both hands so your arms are fully extended out in front of you and slowly let it pull back behind your head. Continue to push forward and let it pull back again, feeling your tricep muscles squeeze as your arms extend. Ensure you have a stable stance with adequate support in your back leg.

DISCLAIMER: These exercises were originally prescribed to Greg Norman by his personal trainer. Before you attempt anything, consult a personal trainer to see which exercises may be right for you.