Greg Norman: Workout series – No.8 – And if you’re feeling really game…

This really is an intense exercise and shouldn’t be done without seeing a trainer first. It’s all about the strength of your lower unit – your glutes, hamstring and core – combined with your upper body movement. This is really good for the golf swing because it’s strength and stability rolled into one with a little bit of flexibility thrown in. Grab two dumbbells and get into an athletic golf position (similar to the shoulder-raise exercise) but this time let your arms hang all the way down. Now rotate each arm back all the way up above you head, alternating one at a time, almost mimicking the golf swing in your turn (rotate from the hips). Like the golf swing, keep your stability at all times and don’t move your knees while doing this. Again, this in an intense exercise that requires good technique to avoid injury so make sure you see a personal trainer before attempting this one.

DISCLAIMER: These exercises were originally prescribed to Greg Norman by his personal trainer. Before you attempt anything, consult a personal trainer to see which exercises may be right for you.

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