Greg Norman: Workout series – No.7 – Medicine ball throw

This is a great exercise for your inner core and overall stability – in fact it’s perfect for everything about the proprioception of your body. I stand on a half Bosu ball (found in most gyms and health retail outlets) and get my balance while holding a 4kg medicine ball. Keeping my body very square to the target, which in this case is a trampoline positioned about 4-5 metres away, I keep my core, glutes and legs all fired and lift the medicine ball up behind my head and throw it at the trampoline, ensuring I catch it again on the rebound. The key to this is maintaining your balance during the entire movement without falling off the Bosa ball. Repeat as many times as you can until you fall.

DISCLAIMER: These exercises were originally prescribed to Greg Norman by his personal trainer. Before you attempt anything, consult a personal trainer to see which exercises may be right for you.