Trajectory Goals: 7-Iron

Trajectory Goals

Not all 7-irons are alike. We’re not talking about shape or materials. We’re talking about loft – the most basic building block to determine ball flight.

Making Sense Of The Ball Wars

With such quality and variety of golf balls available on the market, how is it possible to decide what’s best for you? We spoke to manufacturers, retailers and professionals for their take. And if you’ve never thought about being ‘ball fitted’, you soon will.

2019 Hot List: Players Irons

Forgiving but workable with a highly appealing look. We considered 22 players irons; 14 made the list.

2019 Hot List: Game-Improvement Irons

Higher, hotter and more forgiving. Average golfers have never had more help. We considered 17 game-improvement irons; 13 made the list.