Titleist unveiled the new GT2, GT3 and GT4 drivers on the PGA Tour this week, an early look at the models the company most likely will be releasing commercially later this Australian winter. All three models appeared on the R&A and USGA’s list of conforming drivers this morning, as well.

The appearance kicks off the usual two-year cadence for the company’s woods launches, and Titleist also indicated that GT fairway woods will be making the rounds at this week’s Memorial Tournament.

While the company released no details about the clubs, the drivers appear to fall in line with a similar nomenclature of past versions. Like the TSR2, the GT2 appears to be the broader footprint of the three models, while the GT3 would be the follow-up to the classic pear-shaped TSR3, the most preferred model among Titleist’s tour staff. Likewise, the GT4 likely would line up with the low-spin TSR4 model.


A closer look at the images supplied to the USGA shows the GT2, like the TSR2, features a deep rear weight port centred flush in the rear skirt. Like its predecessor, the GT3 appears to feature a weighting system in the sole with five locations that can shift the centre of gravity either towards the heel, neutral or toe side. But taking a page from the adjustable weighting system seen in the TSR3 fairway woods, the GT3’s weighting system is in the forward section of the sole. The GT4, similar to TSR4, also appears to have a weight port in the back and the front of the sole.

No word on which players might be making the switch, but it is the earliest Titleist has debuted its drivers, months ahead of when the TSi drivers debuted in 2020 and weeks ahead of the tour appearance of the TS drivers in 2018 and TSR drivers in 2022.

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According to the company, Titleist drivers have been the No.1-played models on the PGA Tour for the past five years.

As for now, no commercial release date has been announced for the GT drivers and fairway woods.