Cleveland ZipCore XL, Halo XL Full-Face irons: What you need to know

Cleveland Golf has long geared its club designs towards golfers seeking to minimise their bad shots rather than optimise their good ones. The company continues down that path with the introduction of its game-improvement ZipCore XL irons and, for those needing even more help, its Halo XL Full-Face irons.


Cobra Darkspeed irons: What you need to know

Cobra seeks to build on its Aerojet irons with its follow-up, the Darkspeed. More than just a modest tweak, the Darkspeed makes meaningful moves forward with a new hollow-body construction that is filled with a lightweight foam.

Adam Scott’s one-of-a-kind Miura irons have a Jack Nicklaus look

This week during the Memorial’s practice rounds, Scott debuted a custom set of muscleback blade irons from Miura, the legendary forging house in Japan led by founder Katsuhiro Miura, whom the Japanese golf media once labelled as having “the hands of God.”