0811 X Proto • 0811 X+ Proto

Originally offered last autumn as a limited run of prototypes for PGA Tour players, these two drivers resonated because they meet the needs of two swing types. Now they have evolved to incorporate material changes to the face and crown that bring better ball speed, more efficient launch conditions and greater forgiveness. The theory is that golfers swing downward or upward into the ball. Those with a downward strike produce too much spin, and the X model lowers spin because of its lower face height and lower centre of gravity. Players with an upward attack angle need more spin to keep the ball in the air to maximise distance. The X+ with its higher crown and higher launch fits this player. Both clubs use a faster-flexing titanium-alloy face for better ball speed and lower spin. Meanwhile, the crown mixes a centre wedge of lightweight carbon fibre flanked by titanium. The lightweight composite saves weight, and the stiffer titanium braces the body so that the face springs more effectively.

LOFTS 9 (x); 10.5, 12 (x+); adjustable

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“I love the shape, size and finish. Easy to square and one of those clubs that’s very stable. I was even confident enough to choke down and hit it off the fairway.”

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