Big Bertha B21

Callaway engineers admit that designing a driver for the average golfer – the cut-across-it slicer who could benefit from any change – is more difficult than trying to squeeze out a few more metres for a good player. Average golfers battle so many problems that the solution for one might work against solving another. The B21 tackles the challenge by rethinking shape and weighting. For example, low spin might be vital for elite, fast-swinging players, but it could also help bad golfers who generate too much distance-robbing spin, especially sidespin. That’s why weight is concentrated forward to lower the centre of gravity for less spin. (The confidence-inspiring face is the largest in Callaway’s lineup, designed with input from artificial intelligence.) But front-weighting works against stability on off-centre hits, so the B21 uses a light, carbon-fibre crown to save weight that can be pushed to the extremes of its oversize triangular shape. Using this saved weight in the heel along with a 45-gram shaft can help average golfers square the face, too.  

LOFTS 9, 10.5, 12.5; adjustable

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“The colours camouflaged a head I’d normally find big. Good swings got great results; bad swings stayed in play. Power draws for a fader like me. The energetic feel inspired confidence.”

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