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Known for their aerodynamically angled sole, the SIM drivers of last year changed how shape improves speed. This update of the SIM platform is a fundamental change in how that head is made. The goal is to increase forgiveness for three types of players through a construction that eliminates titanium from everywhere except the face and replaces it almost entirely with lightweight carbon fibre. This frees up more mass to be redistributed so that the low-spin (SIM2), mid-launch (SIM2 Max) or anti-slice (SIM2 Max D) users get more bang at impact, wherever that impact might be. First, two carbon-fibre shells form the top and bottom to save weight. They are joined by a light, forged-aluminium ring that circles the perimeter and locks into a titanium cupface that has a variable thickness precisely milled in the back. Finally, the tungsten weight in the angled keel is heavier and farther back than before to stabilise off-centre hits. The design features a more responsive sole slot and a resin injected behind the face to push the springlike-effect limits.

LOFTS 8, 9, 10.5 (sim2); 9, 10.5, 12 (max); 9, 10.5, 12 (max d); adjustable

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“The crisp graphics help the club look smaller and more nimble at address. Clean sound and feel. The club isn’t heavy but still felt meaty. I even saw higher swing speeds.”

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