T//World GS

The logic behind a channel in the sole to improve the way the face flexes has been established. But Honma rethought the slot’s overall function. Instead of a straight slot running heel to toe, this channel bends at an angle on the toe side, sort of like a crankshaft. The slot gets wider and deeper in this section to provide an extra boost where the face needs more help transferring energy to the ball. The shape also helps toe hits curve back towards the centre. This is just one way to make your worst hits better. There’s also the light and thin crown, which is not carbon fibre but titanium that is thinner than the lead in a mechanical pencil. The thinking is that titanium’s superior stiffness concentrates more flexing in the face. Meanwhile, beyond the slot there’s more help on the sole for mis-hits. A tungsten weight chip provides a deeper centre of gravity for more stability, and its placement towards the heel makes closing the face easier. The rotating hosel adjusts loft, lie and face angle while keeping the shaft’s orientation unchanged for more consistent performance.

LOFTS 9.5, 10.5, 11.5; adjustable

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“Very solid, unified feel coming through with lively feedback at impact. Crisp, meaty sound. Feels easy to draw or cut. Ball speed and carry are consistent, and dispersion is minimal.”

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