Epic Max • Max LS • Speed

The technology that launched 2017’s GBB Epic, Callaway’s most successful driver in two decades, receives a makeover for 2021 using artificial intelligence. The “Jailbreak” tech – internal twin vertical bars near the face that join and stiffen the crown and sole – covers a wider area with horizontal brackets to expand the stiffness of the entire body. The objective is to concentrate all the flexing in the face for more ball speed across a larger zone. This flexible face also gets the AI treatment with some counter-intuitive thickness patterns that required computer simulations to identify. The three clubheads try to address the needs of different player types: the Max is the most forgiving and is designed to have the highest launch. Conversely, the Max LS launches the ball lower with less spin. Both the Max and Max LS have a sliding rear weight: the Max has more room in the heel for a draw bias, and the Max LS is easier to adjust for a fade. The aerodynamic-shaped Speed has the same forward centre of gravity as last year’s Mavrik but with extra forgiveness for off-centre strikes. 


LOFTS 9, 10.5, 12 (max, speed); 9, 10.5 (max ls); adjustable

Reviewer profile

“The more muted sound doesn’t match the explosive carry. Pure and cushioned feel when hit most anywhere off-centre. The rounded toe envelops the ball.”

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