Radspeed • XB • XD

A single driver, no matter how much adjustability it has, can’t address every player’s need. Cobra, in fact, believes adjustability should be used more strategically. That’s why it developed three models that take saved weight and push it selectively towards locations at the front, rear or heel to solve three distinct challenges. Cobra’s Radspeed, the standard model, features 70 percent of the weight forward for better players who want low spin and maximum energy transfer on centre hits. The XB pushes almost three-fourths of its discretionary mass towards the rear to provide maximum forgiveness on off-centre hits. The XD has a weight slug towards the heel to create a draw bias so that slicers can find the fairway more often. A slick new carbon-composite layer (now about half the thickness of a credit card) wraps around a strip of titanium in the centre of the crown and covers half the club’s surface area. Computer milling ensures the tightest tolerances on the curves in the face that help optimise launch, spin and dispersion on mis-hits.

LOFTS 9, 10.5 (radspeed); 9, 10.5, 12 (xb); 10.5, 12 (xd); adjustable

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“The matte black and gunmetal finish on the front makes it easy to set up at address. The lightweight feel doesn’t take away from the power at impact: I was able to generate more speed.”

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