Tour Edge

Exotics C721

The face of a driver is where the action is, but getting it to flex effectively is more than just making it thin. That’s why the variable-thickness design behind the face of this driver is so important. Past Tour Edge drivers have used a series of interconnected diamond shapes to increase ball speed. This model takes this concept and multiplies it. The rows of interconnected diamond shapes behind the beta-titanium face now vary in five thicknesses. This pattern expands the area of the face with the hottest ball speed for more distance on mis-hits, but the new construction also saves five grams. The use of carbon-fibre panels that wrap around the crown and down into the heel, toe and sole save even more weight. This allowed designers to place a 10-gram weight at the rear of the clubhead to provide maximum stability on off-centre hits while lowering the centre of gravity. The result is less spin and a higher ball flight. 

LOFTS 9.5, 10.5; adjustable

Reviewer profile

“I hit this consistently straight with a high trajectory. The clubhead feels lightweight, but the weight at impact is solid, so you feel the energy.”

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