Paradym / Paradym X / Paradym ♦♦♦

What it does: These three models all feature thin titanium faces and distinctive weighting systems to optimise three different ball-flight trajectories. The carbon-composite body is free of titanium and other metal support structures except for the newest version of Callaway’s flex-enhancing “Jailbreak” brace behind the face. The use of carbon composite also saves about 20 grams for engineers to use along the perimeter to enhance forgiveness.

Why we like it: For Callaway, the driver isn’t just a story about how flexible the face can be designed or how much mass a light-weight body might save. Those attributes are a given. What makes these drivers special is how the faces and the intricate carbon-
composite bodies are integrated to maximise distance and
minimise dispersion for each player type.

Which one’s for me? Paradym targets players seeking forgiveness and less spin. The large-profile Paradym X is for slicers and those seeking a higher launch. The compact Paradym ♦♦♦ spins the least for elite players who rarely stray beyond the centre of the face.

Lofts 9, 10.5, 12 (paradym, paradym x); 8, 9, 10.5 (paradym ♦♦♦)

Reviewer profile

“Really jumps from the get-go – explosive. A lot more hang time than any driver I hit. Floats with authority. So easy to drive the head through the ball.”

– Player comment

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