ST-Z 230 / ST-X 230 / ST-X 230 PLTNM

What it does: A fast-flexing titanium-alloy face has been a point of pride for Mizuno, but that technology can take you only so far. Real progress is made when the rest of the body contributes to the face’s ability to deliver more ball speed. A cut-through slot in the front of the sole is filled with a polymer that allows more flexing in the lower part of the face. A five-gram steel bar inserted into the polymer lowers spin further to optimise launch conditions.

Why we like it: The multi-level face-thickness pattern creates more consistent ball speed across a wider area and is further enhanced by the weight-saving carbon-composite crown and sole sections. A heavy back weight also provides stability on mis-hits.

Which one’s for me? The ST-Z features a deeper, more neutral
centre of gravity for less spin and maximum mis-hit forgiveness. Placing additional mass towards the heel on the ST-X encourages a draw and offers players a better sense of control or where the clubhead is at all times. The ST-X PLTNM version is 30 grams lighter to help slower swingers deliver more speed at impact.

Lofts 9.5, 10.5 (st-z); 9.5, 10.5, 12 (st-x); 10.5, 12 (st-x pltnm)

Reviewer profile

“The sound at impact has a deeper note than I would have expected. Easy to launch with a penetrating ball flight.”

– Player comment

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