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What it does: Wilson’s team might have taken design advice from tour players looking for a slightly more compact look, but fear not, these traditional shapes, which include an all-titanium model and one with a carbon-composite crown, max out the performance characteristics average golfers appreciate. Those include a sleek, multi-thickness face for more ball speed on off-centre hits, loads of internal weighting to improve forgiveness and a subtle draw bias non-professionals need more than they know.

Why we like it: Wilson used artificial intelligence to formulate computer models that varied the thicknesses across 25 sections and tested a thousand designs at a time. The finished product’s
kaleidoscopic pattern stays within the R&A and US Golf Association’s limit while delivering more ball velocity.

Which one’s for me? The Carbon model’s lightweight crown lowers the centre of gravity for less spin in a head that’s workable for better players. The standard model is built for extreme forgiveness, a higher flight and a neutral-to-draw bias.

Lofts 9, 10.5, 13

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“The standard model has a pleasant, muted sound and is easy to get the ball up high and draw it – kind of idiot-proof for anyone looking for help hitting a draw.”

– Player comment

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