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What it does: With aerodynamic improvements, Titleist continues its objective of increasing swing speed. Even something as subtle as shifting the sole weight to the back end of the body improves the way these drivers move through the air. The club’s power comes in the form of faces that are smartly optimised for certain player types: the TSR2’s face design helps mis-hits, and the tour-preferred TSR3 boosts centre hits.

Why we like it: Titleist realised that chasing more off-centre-hit stability and forgiveness was costing its drivers performance. By shifting the centre of gravity slightly forward and lower, the clubheads generate more distance through a higher launch and less spin. This shift also yields more clubhead speed.

Which one’s for me? The ultralight TSR1 targets sub-90-miles-per-hour swings. The TSR2 is the most stable and helps mis-hits the most. The TSR3 is for those who consistently strike the centre of the clubface. The TSR4 is a more compact, very low-spinning option for players who swing fast but launch it too high.

Lofts 9, 10, 12 (tsr1); 8, 9, 10, 11 (tsr2); 8, 9, 10 (tsr3, tsr4)

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“The profile is sleek like a race car. Everything screams fast with no stop signs. I like the way the ball travels down range and rolls out. Pretty forgiving, too.”

– Player comment

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