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What it does: When you have players on your staff breaking all kinds of records related to distance (e.g. Kyle Berkshire’s 236-mile-per-hour ball speed), it makes sense to pursue technology that helps golfers swing the club faster. Cobra’s aerodynamics research team says its sleek driver shape alone adds three metres before even considering other structural improvements.

Why we like it: Cobra supplies ample rocket fuel at impact by using a clubface that wraps around the sole and features 15 separately designed “hot areas”. An internal weight bar affixed inside the front of the sole lowers the centre of gravity. It’s elevated slightly above the surface like a bridge, allowing the wraparound face to flex underneath it for more speed.

Which one’s for me? Fast swingers will get the most out of the LS’s ultra-streamlined shape and low-spin delivery. The standard Aerojet offers a neutral flight with balanced weighting and extra stability. The Max offers the highest flight and features internal and external weighting that help minimise a slice.

Lofts 9, 10.5 (aerojet ls); 9, 10.5, 12 (aerojet, aerojet max)

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“I love the athletic look and large, easy-to-square clubface. Like a teacher grading on a curve, the results can be better than what your swing deserves.”

– Player comment

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