Tour Edge

Exotics C723 / E723

What it does: These two drivers are designed to maximise distance. Whether you prefer the conventionally shaped C723 or the more extreme E723, the carbon-composite sections on the crown and sole save weight that’s used on the perimeter to make one of the most stable drivers on the market. The face’s crosshatch pattern provides more ball-speed consistency from heel to centre to toe.

Why we like it: Carbon composite on the crown is nifty stuff,
but these mammoth heads receive extra stability through the use of a thin spine of titanium running from front to back. It frames the entire clubhead and braces the face to direct more steadiness at impact for maximum energy into the ball.

Which one’s for me? The E723 is the most stable Tour Edge driver ever, so it’s best for those who struggle to make centre-face contact. The deep centre of gravity and lighter stock shaft options will generate a higher launch. The more compact C723 is forgiving but launches with increasingly less spin depending on how you position the interchangeable front and back weights.

Lofts 8, 9, 10.5 (c723); 9, 10.5, 12 (e723)

Reviewer profile

“Cool, modern design. Ball springs off the face. Forgiving to the point where I never worry about missing a fairway unless I make a truly terrible swing.”

– Player comment

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