ZX7 / ZX5 / ZX5 LS (MK II)

What it does: Driver design involves much more than the use of a special titanium in the face that allows it to flex better. Srixon’s
engineers know that the key to making a more flexible face is to get the rest of the body to contribute at impact. That’s why there’s an accordion-like system of stiff and flexible regions surrounding the face along the top line, crown and sole.

Why we like it: Srixon strives to make a better driver without resorting to a carbon-composite crown, and it starts with a special titanium alloy in the face that maximises energy. A thin titanium crown – thinner than a greeting card – saves additional mass on top. All of this contributes to a body with stiff and flexible regions that surround the face and work into the crown and sole.

Which one’s for me? The ZX7 produces a penetrating flight for better, more exacting swings. The ZX5 uses a stable head on mis-hits and yields a consistently higher ball flight to help most average golfers. Although nearly as forgiving, the LS version uses a front sole weight for less spin and a slightly lower flight.

Lofts 9.5, 10.5 (zx7, zx5); 8.5, 9.5, 10.5 (zx5 ls)

Reviewer profile

“The shape of the head isn’t crazy, and the matte finish is clean – no distractions. Springy feel, reasonable misses. A consistent, flat trajectory on the LS.”

– Player comment

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