Articles by Ron Kaspriske

Amp up your golf performance with this easy cardio routine

With the rising popularity of fitness trackers, golfers now have the ability to monitor in real-time how fast their heart is beating during a round of golf. When walking a course and carrying a bag, the typical middle-aged golfer can expect their heart to beat 110 to 120 times per minute for the majority of Read more…

How to protect your wrists

Injuries such as sprains, tendinitis, carpal-tunnel syndrome – and even fractures of a delicate bone called the hook of hamate – are common wrist issues that golfers experience.

5 things your teen golfer can do—that you can’t

With golf season nearly in full swing (excuse the pun), you might find you’re struggling a bit to get your body operating the way it used to. The reality of aging is that unless you take measures to counter the erosion of physical abilities, you’re not going to be able to swing a golf club Read more…

One simple exercise to cure your slice

There are a lot of things you can do in the golf swing to prevent a slice, but if you’re stuck inside because of wet weather or want to do something about it without hitting a heap of range balls, you can train your body to really help the club swing down from the inside.

A PGA Tour winner’s 3 go-to exercises reveal a popular tour fitness trend. Here’s how it can help you

Unilateral exercises, in which you isolate and train with just one limb, have become increasingly popular with golfers for a variety of reasons including injury prevention, correcting muscular imbalances and being able to train for power without putting too much stress on the spine. Golf Digest’s Certified Fitness Trainers often emphasize weight-bearing moves involving only Read more…