2020 Hot List: Wedges

You’ve lost 2,500rpm of spin if your wedge is from 2017. Get it back and more with 2020’s best. We considered 26 models; 12 made the list.

2020 Hot List: Super Game Improvement Irons

2020 Hot List: Super Game-Improvement Irons

Packed with forgiveness and power, these Super Game-Improvement Irons will have you playing better in no time. We considered 19 models; 13 made the list.

2019 Hot List: Drivers

2019 Hot List: Drivers

The best drivers in 2019 extend maximum ball speed to a larger section of the face. We considered 26 drivers; 12 made the list.

2017 Hot List: Drivers

Our annual review of the best clubs starts with drivers: where short hitters drink alone.