What it does: The loyal Titleist customer (not to mention its tour staff) have a repetitive desire when it comes to the company’s players irons: make them better, but don’t mess up what you have. This creates a design tightrope Titleist deftly navigates here. The T100’s distinctive back bar is now thicker. To offset that, a higher-density tungsten (up to 70 grams) is brazed to the body rather than welded (brazing reduces weight by not creating weld beads) to optimise launch conditions and to foster forgiveness so that mis-hits more closely resemble centre hits. 

Why we like it: The thicker back bar allows performance enhancements to take shape in a form and feel that better players recognise and appreciate. However, this club’s technological unsung hero is the sole design courtesy of in-house knowledge gleaned from the company’s Vokey Design wedges. Using information Titleist learned in the creation of lower-lofted wedges, the T100’s sole now features less relief in the heel and more in the toe for better transition through the turf. That allows players to maintain clubhead speed through the hitting area.

7-iron loft 34 degrees pw loft 46 degrees

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“Consistency is key, and the launch monitor proved over and over these have that. The classic yet new-age design screams that you have arrived as a player.”

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