What it does: The design goal of this iron was straightforward: create a club that could serve tour players with a slightly lower launch, better feel and tighter dispersion. Distance was not the objective. Delivering consistency for a player willing to sacrifice a couple of metres for repeatability was the goal. The key to achieving this is the aerospace-grade aluminium insert that allows roughly 30 grams of material from the centre of the club to be redistributed to the perimeter in the form of toe and shaft-tip weights. This raises the forgiveness level to nearly that of the company’s i210 irons. Every iron in the set has a specific insert that reinforces the face while minimising face deflection to produce consistent distance and trajectory. 

Why we like it: An elegant club with a lot of technology, Ping’s latest players iron is perfect for the golfer who wants no surprises. The desire for consistency doesn’t stop with the insert. A 100-percent inspection on nine processes guarantees reliability. A new groove design tightens the spacing to reduce flyers in short irons and maintain spin on the long irons. The grooves are a tad shorter heel to toe – something Ping says makes players focus better on the shot.

7-iron loft 34 degrees pw loft 46 degrees

Reviewer profile

“Easy to turn the ball over or to fade it. Super accurate – like throwing darts and hitting the bullseye. Better players can take full advantage of this club.”

– Player comment

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