Apex Pro

What it does: This could be the clubhouse leader in forgiveness for this category. The Apex Pro works for a wider range of players than most. The “flash face” architecture in each clubhead, designed with the aid of artificial intelligence, offers an individual face design for each iron and brings fast ball speeds and improved spin consistency. This helps better players attack the flagstick with more confidence. 

Why we like it: Apex Pro is a combination of all the things good players want in an iron, such as a forging from 1025 carbon steel. Urethane microspheres also dampen any vibration from the cupface – essentially, the face wraps around the topline and sole – which provides plenty of distance. The hollow-body construction boasts faces designed via artificial intelligence that have different variable-thickness patterns for each club. This makes sense when you consider a 4-iron shot impacts the ball much differently than a ball-club contact with a 9-iron. The use of tungsten (up to 90 grams) lowers the centre of gravity to provide the right amount of lift, especially in the long irons – an important consideration for a target audience that actually still hits long irons.

7-iron loft 33 degrees pw loft 45 degrees

Reviewer profile

“Consistent. Predictable. No shots you can’t explain. A higher trajectory than I expected. Soft landing on the pitching wedge. This is a weapon club.”

– Player comment

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