0311 T Gen4

What it does: Injecting polymer inside irons has been a PXG tradition since the company’s inception. Finding a formula that produces the sweet feel the PXG promises coupled with enough spring-like effect to boost distance, however, had proved elusive – until now. The company uses a material it calls XCOR, a proprietary polymer that is more compressible than what the company previously used. This allows the polymer to work in conjunction with the thin steel face to produce more ball speed. The company’s weighting system also underwent a transformation. Because fitting is not one-size-fits-all, every Gen4 iron has a weight in the low-centre portion of the clubhead that can be adjusted during the fitting process to be heavier or lighter to dial in swingweight.

Why we like it: It’s perhaps a tad unfortunate that PXG’s founder and CEO Bob Parsons is such an enthusiastic pitchman for his company. Sometimes Parsons’ cries of “the science of sexy” and many of the other superlatives he touts overshadow the engineering strength housed in his company’s clubs and the steadfast commitment PXG makes to fitting – both of which are highly beneficial to golfers.

7-iron loft 32 degrees pw loft 46 degrees

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“There’s so much stability. The ball goes straighter because the club doesn’t jiggle through the hit. Every shot felt cushioned, too.”

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