Mizuno Pro 223  

What it does: Even in the players-iron category, golfers are begging for more ball speed. The Mizuno Pro 223, the replacement for its MP-20 MMC, uses hidden slots in the soles of the 4 through 7-irons to add giddy-up but does so in a precise way. For example, the slot in the 4-iron is five millimetres wide to help produce a lower centre of gravity for a higher ball flight, and the slot on the 5 and 6-irons is five millimetres wide in the centre but narrows to three millimetres in the heel and toe. (Mizuno believes forgiveness is more beneficial in clubs that are harder to get airborne.) Then the slot on the 7-iron is narrower to make for a seamless transition to the 8-iron. 

Why we like it: This iron should challenge the notion that Mizuno’s MP line is only for traditionalists. The compact clubheads might be classic in appearance, but the technology is progressive. In addition to the slots, the face thickness is just 2.4 millimetres to help create enough speed for those who need it after hitting their drives from the back tees. The bevelled trailing edge also reduces turf drag. Call this a nostalgic look with more than enough technology for today’s better player.

7-iron loft 32 degrees pw loft 46 degrees

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“The performance was spot on. It does everything really well. Good swingweight and strong flight. The sound and feel are above reproach. Really good stuff.”

– Player comment

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