What it does: The C03 is a forged cavity-back made from soft-carbon steel. The 5 through 7-irons use a computer-numerical-
controlled (CNC) milling process to create an undercut at the bottom of the back of the face. Doing this removes mass and allows for a lower positioning of the centre of gravity. The excess weight that has been shaved from that area is then redistributed to the perimeter to augment forgiveness. To maintain the proper spin rates on the 8-iron through pitching wedge, no undercut is used. 

Why we like it: Although not a company with any name recognition, Proto-Concept has some golf chops nonetheless. The enterprise is a collaboration between Golf Partner (believed to be the largest golf retailer in the world) and legendary forging house Endo, which for decades has produced some of the best forgings in the game. In this instance, it has created an elegant club with a satin finish, but don’t let the low-key look fool you. We especially applaud the method of milling away material from the back of the face by focusing on the heel and toe areas and leaving more mass directly behind the hitting area in pursuit of a crisp feel. 

7-iron loft 32 degrees pw loft 45 degrees

Reviewer profile

“They’re addictive. Crisp feel. The sweet spot is huge. Turf interaction is superior, and the flight is lower with great spin.”

– Player comment

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