Phantom X (2022)

What it does: The Phantom’s unencumbered but intelligent use of multiple materials augments the tour-approved feel and sound of the face. Golfers of just about any handicap want forgiveness, and this putter delivers it. 

Why we like it: Like Darlene Love singing “Baby Please Come Home” at Christmas, this hits all the right notes and feels thanks to a precision-milled stainless steel paired with aircraft-grade aluminium. The latest Phantom X line features 10 models, including a new No.7 that seems almost like a next-generation Newport with stabiliser wings. The slant-neck versions of the X5, X7, X9 and X11 mallets carry a “.5” designation and work better for strokes that have more of a blade-like natural arc.

Specs 10 models; head weight 350-370 grams; length 33-35 inches

Reviewer profile

“Futuristic without being outlandish. Great weight balance and distribution with a firm impact.”

– Player comment

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