Toulon Design

What it does: With a variety of hosel offerings, the Toulon line keeps that blade-like, fully milled feel and sound while bringing a new sole-weighting pattern to maximise performance. 

Why we like it: Unlike some mallets – whose increased forgiveness often comes at the expense of look, sound and feel – the Toulon line ensures there’s no Faustian bargain to be had. Forward weighting on the head and sole tighten up dispersion, and a new deep-diamond groove milled face improves sound, feel and performance. Odyssey’s Stroke Lab shaft redistributes weight closer to the hands, increasing stability in your delivery. The line’s six models, all with a white line on a midnight black finish, offer the kind of alignment help that’s as quietly confident as you want your stroke to be.

Specs 6 models; head weight 360 grams; length 32-37 inches

Reviewer profile

“It’s so well balanced and so consistent; every putt feels the same. It’s so soft you can feel the cover on the face. That’s a feel I like.”

– Player comment

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