L.A.B. Golf


What it does: To help keep the putter naturally balanced through the stroke, L.A.B. Golf uses heel and toe weights, a centred (but angled) shaft and custom lie angles in the Mezz.1.

Why we like it: This putter makes the case that it can do all the work for you – at least if you let it. By locating the shaft bore in a specific proximity to the putter’s centre of gravity, it removes the way a golfer has to manipulate the head to square the face. Ten weights (eight on the bottom, two on the sides) allow the company to perfectly match a player’s weight, setup and lie angle specifications. And though its “starship” looks are certainly unique, the putterhead is fully CNC machined from aircraft aluminium and stainless steel for a familiar, almost traditional, sound and feel.

Specs 1 model; head weight 330-410 grams; length 33-38 inches

Reviewer profile

“I like the angled way the shaft connects to the grip and head; every putt starts on line for me. It also feels just how it looks – super stable.”

– Player comment

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