Battle Ready

What it does: With an interchangeable hosel and adjustable weight fitting system, these mallets emphasise personal and repeatable alignment with a face pattern that optimises distance control. 

Why we like it: A number of our testers asked if these were Batman’s putters, and though they were crestfallen to learn Batman is indeed fictional, there’s nothing fake about the commitment here. The pyramids dotting the face vary in density to normalise ball speed across the face, and they “bite” into the ball for consistent launch and spin across the face. These mallets mix top-grade aluminium in the body with heavy tungsten in the back and adjustable sole weights for customised stability. The four hosels include two with toe hang, one that’s face-balanced and an armlock version. 

Specs 5 models; head weight 330-470 grams; length custom

Reviewer profile

“Such a consistent acoustic to it, guitar string vibrancy and resonance. Always the right response with every impact.”

– Player comment

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