White Hot OG

What it does: When something is called “the OG”, that means the original was as good as it gets. This line, which is built on the famously soft-yet-resilient White Hot polymer insert that’s nearly old enough to drink, includes three familiar mallet shapes, three hosel variations for different stroke types and a new model that looks like it’s been around almost as long as that OG of face inserts itself.

Why we like it: The insert delivers a soft feel at impact with a strong rebound for better ball speed. But this is more than a retread. The White Hot adds a bit of modern touch to the OG thanks to the milled finish and the Stroke Lab shaft. This graphite-steel composition redistributes the weight of the putter closer to the hands for consistency in the rhythm and results of your putting action.

Specs 6 models; head weight 355-365 grams; length 33-37 inches

Reviewer profile

“A classy looking putter. Soft at impact, like it’s catching the ball, yet the ball leaves the face in a solid manner.”

– Player comment

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