V Series

What it does: With four hosel options (plus a reliable armlock grip concept), each putterhead can accommodate an array of stroke paths and setup preferences, and all include the company’s trademark grooved face for a true roll. 

Why we like it: Evnroll’s variable-width channels – which create not just a sweet spot but a sweet face – remain, but it’s the V-Series’ adjustability that got our attention. The hosels can quickly attach to the putterhead, allowing players (or a fitter) to identify which one matches their natural rate of face rotation during the stroke. Then, for the growing armlock contingent, a normal armlock grip can lead to delofting the putter, but Evnroll’s Midlock grip pushes the shaft away from your forearm to maintain the proper angle of attack.

Reviewer profile

“Exudes stability at all angles; a good knock at impact, firm but not harsh. That Gravity Grip really calms down my hands.”

– Player comment

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