What it does: The guts of Srixon’s irons for better players haven’t changed much over time. A SUP10 high-strength steel face insert is surrounded by a forged carbon-steel body and hosel for a softer feel, and the sole design, though modified over time, boasts the same basic design principles. What has changed is the approach to design, namely using artificial intelligence to speed up the process and create far more potential design iterations than humans possibly could. The upshot is a more intricate clubface in which the back side of each hitting surface is milled in a variable-thickness pattern that comprises grooves, channels and cavities to provide extra ball speed. To bolster forgiveness, tungsten is placed in the toe of the long and middle irons (up to the 7-iron). 

Why we like it:  The SUP10 thin face insert shouts distance, but we also admire the more subtle attributes that are no less significant. One example is the revamped Tour VT sole that features a higher bounce angle towards the leading edge that progressively tapers to less bounce on the trailing edge. This reduces turf resistance as the club approaches the ball from a variety of angles.

7-iron loft 31 degrees pw loft 44 degrees

Reviewer profile

“They tell you when you miss but don’t penalise you in distance. The sole is amazing. It corrects for you right in the turf. You can glide or gouge effortlessly.”

– Player comment

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