What it does: The relatively shorter blade-length, thin topline and reduced offset disguise the fact this iron plays bigger than its size. As much as 46 grams of tungsten are loaded inside the forged 8620 carbon-steel hollow-body clubhead to bolster forgiveness. To create more face flex, a through-slot speed pocket is used on the sole. A lightweight material (that the company refers to as “speedfoam”) is also injected inside the clubhead. The foam’s properties allow the face to flex while not adding a significant amount of weight. The softness of the material helps maintain an acceptable sound, too. 

Why we like it: Although forgiveness is somewhat subjective, there is no denying everyone can benefit from it. Even players that might not think they need it can see the usefulness of it during every single round. The trade-off, of course, is that to achieve stability, ball speed is usually compromised to some degree. Not here. Along with the sole slot and internal foam, the ultra-thin face features the company’s inverted-cone-variable-thickness pattern on the back of the face – positioned specifically in each iron to protect ball speed across a wide portion of the hitting surface.

7-iron loft 33 degrees pw loft 46 degrees

Reviewer profile

“The ball has energy coming off the face. Trajectory is high but not too high, always in the window. I hit my yardage numbers on every single shot.”

– Player comment

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