0311 P Gen4   

What it does: Designing a better-players iron that offers game-changing distance requires a balancing act: how do you boost ball speed while maintaining an acceptable feel? The speed in this iron comes from a HT1770 maraging-steel face that is razor thin at just 1.5 millimetres. The feel comes from a concept that had its beginnings in working with an outside thermal-plastics R&D firm that resulted in a proprietary polymer that is both more compressible and easier to inject inside the clubhead. The new material provides a tour-like sound even when you’re not hitting it like a tour player – all without compromising the ball-speed gains of the thinner face. 

Why we like it: Companies that make an effort to get players in the right fit get an enthusiastic thumbs up from us, and PXG has made an alteration to its weighting system that furthers that endeavour. Instead of the nine weights on the Gen3 (including two on the toe area in back), the Gen4 features a pair of small weights on the back in the toe and heel area with one larger weight in the lower centre of the milled back. That weight can be adjusted during the fitting process in two-gram increments to optimise performance.

7-iron loft 30 degrees pw loft 44 degrees

Reviewer profile

“Make a swing and watch the ball go dead centre. Longer than average distance. I kept punching them down the range over and over again in a perfect window.”

– Player comment

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