JPX921 Forged      

What it does: The JPX921 Forged represents a change to how Mizuno approaches the players-distance iron category. Using a very resilient chromium-molybdenum-infused steel in a forged form required a more intense forging process with extra manufacturing steps. Furthermore, Mizuno used a milling technique to thin out a wider section behind the face for more potential distance. The result of all this is a pleasingly shaped clubhead with a face that is 16-percent thinner­. But this extra heat at impact is just part of the benefit. Going thinner on the face allowed Mizuno’s designers to shift the centre of gravity lower and deeper to help golfers get the ball up in the air, particularly in the long irons. 

Why we like it: The distance benefit is noticeable, but it’s the unmistakable pleasant sound and feel at impact that makes this a complete iron. Also impressive is that the moment of inertia – stability on off-centre hits – wasn’t sacrificed despite the clubhead being slightly more compact than the previous JPX919 Forged. The thinner topline and narrower, bevelled sole (which greatly enhances turf interaction) are designed to appeal to better players.

7-iron loft 31 degrees pw loft 45 degrees

Reviewer profile

“Easy on the eyes at address. Clean head with a midsize topline. The sound and feel resemble the cracking of a whip, with the ball popping off the face.””

– Player comment

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